EU Next Generation Innovators Summit Slovenia &
Investment Conference

Next Round is the biggest yearly summit of Venture Capital Investors from the CEE region, discussing relevant Strategic trends from the industry, Dealmaking opportunities and future Exits,
Aggregating a 2+ Billion Euros of Investor potential on one event.


Scope of the summit

Summit facilitates Strategic and Dealmaking discussions between Investors, Innovation leaders, European Union, Scaleups, Startups and Innovators from the whole of Europe.


The focus is on the role of VC investors as key elements of the EU Startup & Scaleup ecosystem. They discover and recognize real talents with global potential and there is always the investment round necessary to pave the way from the idea to Unicorn.


The summit will bring together the eminent representatives of the VC investment community and EU institutions to exchange their views and actions on the challenges of financing and other critical issues to make a European breakthrough in generating future Unicorns. 

In addition, the Startup & Scaleup community will have the opportunity to match the investors view on EU Startup future and have 1on1 networking opportunities.

This year as Slovenia is holding the presidency of the EU Council, we are exploiting this opportunity to also host policymakers in discussion about the: 

“EU next generation of innovators” with implementation of 

“The scale-up europe manifesto” initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The European Union is keen on making steps forward and supporting Startups & Scaleups with setting up necessary infrastructure and activating the startup ecosystem under the EU brand.

Active participants: 

VC fund managers and brand names from the Investor community, high level EU leaders, Successful founders, EU Unicorns.

Who should attend: 

VC Investors, Startups & Scaleups


Hybrid event with live panel discussions organized at premises of BTC - National Digital Center, VIP Dinners and meetings in BTC Crystal palace, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


We co-invest with private investors
and corporations into promising and
innovative startups and scaleups

The Slovene Enterprise Fund

doubles the private investment in the amount from
100,000 EUR to 600,000 EUR of the direct capital
investment (for innovative enterprises under formal

definition up to 1,2 million EUR)

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