3 startups to watch for...

Here are 3 startups you don’t want to miss at the Next Round.

Propster is transforming the real estate buying experience. How exactly?

Well, they basically digitize communication, configuration and documentation needed to explore and close on a property. Including guiding the customer through handover and providing additional after-sales services or support regarding defect management.

This enables property companies to increase off-plan sales and provide buyers or tenants and investors with a superior purchase experience.

They’ve received 3M EUR in a seed round on May 2021. Going strong and definitely a company to meet.

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When you anchor a boat, you don’t want it to move. Vision Anchor

That’s sort of the basic idea. And often it’s hard to get it right, especially in unfamiliar waters or in the dark.

Wrong anchoring is one of the top 10 causes of nautical accidents that can cause high repair costs or even loss of life. Today many skippers dive to check the correct anchor position.

That’s why SeaVision built Vision Anchor, a buoy with an integrated underwater camera, attached to your anchor. You connect to it via Wi-Fi with your smartphone, find the perfect spot and get alerts if it starts to move.

This technology has the potential to become as standard as parking sensors on cars.

Definitely, something to keep an eye on. SeaVision won the Slovenian Startup of the Year 2021 award.

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Joberty helps people in the IT industry rate their employers and find jobs that fit them best.

Sounds familiar to LinkedIn in a way and Glassdoor comes to mind also.

But Joberty is more nuanced and IT-focused. Just as it is more practical in terms of helping people land a job.

They have great traction in their first market, interesting to watch.

Set up a 1:1 at the Next Round.

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