AGILICITY> city planning in 1/2 time

The way we live, work, interact has changed in recent decades. New user experiences, technologies, higher quality living standards and environmental awareness make this one of the most exciting times in human history. But the way we go about planning cities and optimizing public space has stayed pretty much the same. Procedures, drawing, calculations exert a high toll on planners and design teams. It just takes a lot of time and money to transform ideas into a new physical reality. AGILICITY is changing that with its solution called Modelur - a smart tool for more efficient city planning and design that gets the job done in half the time. What it does Modelur transforms large-scale and complex spatial planning documents into an interactive solution space. Or as they call it "easy-to-use, yet very powerful parametric urban design software tool, developed to help you quickly create conceptual urban massing". When introduced into a spacial planners workflow, Modelur 2020 automatically generates 3D city models in seconds. It calculates key urban control parameters on the fly (e.g. FAR or required number of parking lots), delivering important information while design is still evolving. This way it fosters well-informed decision making during the earliest stages, when design decisions have the highest impact.

“Modelur for SketchUp puts planners in control of conceptual 3D masterplanning. It crunches the numbers in the background so that you can focus on the outcome of your design.”

Boosts planning productivity Modelur was built with one goal in mind – to provide the designers with an easy to use parametric urban design tool everyone can use. This results in carefully selected set of functionalities that help you achieve more accurate results in less than 1/2 of time needed (...) when compared to traditional methods. Agilicity is a member of the Ljubljana University Incubator and also backed by Techstars.


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