AGITRON> helping improve bottom line with data

AGITRON - Improving Retail Environments and Experience With Meaningful Interactions

Agitron provides a solution for digitalisation of physical stores. The results of their implementation are retailers tapping into additional sources of revenue and customers receiving a more engaging user experience. The entire Agitron product family is powered by Agitron's proprietary cloud-enabled platform. Sold through certified platform resellers.


Agitron Analytics is a device mounted on a shopping cart or shopping basket that collects data to analyse the quality of product layouts and the behaviour and movement of customers across a store.

Smart Labels

Agitron Smart Labels replace traditional price lists and enables stores to optimize pricing based on their offers and to keep their products up-to-date.


Agitron Advertising provide a curated purchase experience designed according to specific tastes and needs of customers. Iy enables localization without "beacon" technology and alerts customers of products on sale.

Key benefits for customers>

  • Actionable real time data and predictive analytics.

  • Expand margins, new income streams

  • Reduced operational costs

Agnostic, modular, enterprise grade security

Their solutions are device agnostic and fully integrable with most existing business solutions. Deployed as modular & on-demand, they provide industry-leading performance, flexibility, and scalability without hidden lock-ins, while adhering to bank-grade data security and privacy standards.

AI powered telemetry

The Agitron team is also working on a AI powered telemetry solution that enables customers to track equipment stock and personnel, and provides supply chain visibility, product lifecycle transparency and increases services quality. All through visualization and interaction with the data in a real-time.


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