Can Science be Business?

There are hundreds of excellent science projects in CE Europe, often backed by state grants up to TRL 3. But very few go from lab test or science paper into a startup company. Why?

Because they need risky up front investments, with outcomes being extremely uncertain. On the other hand there are funds that support the conversion of science based ideas tothe early stage market (P2, EIC PILOT, etc.).

There are partnerships with institutions and corpos, which can serve as a bridge for transitioning from science to business. And those who do invest in ground breaking technology are the ultimate winners (or losers) of future markets.

If we know more about these opportunities and work closer together within the support ecosystem, we can turn more opportunities into results. Also for early stage.

The conference aims to bring attention to these mechanisms and options to investors and startups in the region, who are mostly not aware of them.

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