Startups start with ideas. Early on, they’re all vision. They’re never

concrete enough. And then there’s ConcR, a Berlin-based company that

only does concrete. In a smart way.

Here’s the story:

In construction, a lot of things can go wrong if you get your concrete

phase wrong.

You could be looking at long term structural integrity issues and low

speed and higher costs of moving to the next phases.

Just like with everything else, foundational mistakes are hard and

expensive to fix later on.

This is where ConcR comes in.

They provide Concrete-Monitoring as a Service to medium to large-sized

construction contractors.

By monitoring temperature, they make sure construction companies get

concrete stiffness and quality right. This saves time, reduces costs,

increases quality, and safety, simplifies project management. It also

makes long-term maintenance simpler.

Their sensors attach or integrate into builds and send data through

mobile NB-IoT or LTE networks. They are also ASTM C1074, DIN EN 13670

and DIN 1045-3 certified.

Or as they put it:

“We've developed true wireless sensors that accurately monitor the

quality and report remotely in real time what's happening with concrete

on the job site, so the contractors never have to wait again for the

traditional, time consuming, and wasteful laboratory tests before they

are allowed to keep on building.”

If you’re into hardware as a service, talk to Concr at Next Round.

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