Demo Day 2021 Winners!

Last night, our now traditional pre-event warm up featured 7 Slovenian startups presenting to 10 tough investors.

Early-stage sharks like Branko Drobnak.

Fund guys like Rok Habinc.

Angels like Business Angels of Slovenia board member Jure Tomc.

On the startup side, it was a good mix of first-time founders and teams who are evolving their business for the last few years.

After some grilling on things like how they’ll actually make money and scale, the following pecking order emerged:

Demo day winner> Taia Translations Taia is an AI to help companies translate their content more efficiently. It translates as if by magic into 97 languages, affordable, and super fast. They did a 1.2M EUR Series A with Fill Rouge Capital in October 2020.

Second place> Remigo builds electric outboard boat engines. Smaller than a 1989 laptop and as powerful as a 3HP gasoline unit, it’s bristling with innovation, easy to use, and has a reliable range of 14 nautical miles. Ideal for getting in and out of marinas or having some fun around the bay. They’re open for their next round of funding.

Third place> Razturi na maturi - Wise Up Wise up is an ed-tech platform for high school students, packed with interactive assignments, tutorials, and webinars. They also provide pre-test grading and individual tutoring. They’re part of the Slovene Enterprise Fund SK75 and StartupPlus+ support programs.

That’s all folks. More at Next Round Investment Conference.

And remember, there’s money to be made at every stage. In 2015, 61 angels pulled together 312k to seed fund Glovo. How cool would it be to get that deal?

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