Do you have the guts to bet on a seed unicorn?

Ever hear of the Crowd Angel? No... well, you should take a page out of their book.

Back in 2015, when delivery services weren’t an unimaginable idea, they took a chance on this Airbus intern with an eye for profitability - Oscar Pierre.

And recommended to members of their angel network to invest.

61 did.

Hitting the 312k EUR investment ceiling set by the group. Good call.

15 months later, Glovo had 200k users and 300 service providers.

A success that wasn’t self-evident without the benefit of hindsight.

After all, this wasn’t a one-of-a-kind service in 2015. In fact, collaborative marketplaces and apps were booking in the US already. So not a bet without risks.

But the idea that you could run an exchange between people with free time and willingness to help and people who are always busy and need errands done, showed promise.

Fast forward to 2019, and you have the Abu Dhabi wealth fund Mubadala coming into an F round, lifting the valuation past the billion-dollar mark, together with existing investors including Delivery Hero, Swiss Drake Enterprises, and Lakestar, an early investor in Spotify.

In total, they've raised $1.2B since 2015 and have gone to over 250 cities in 33 countries from Barcelona, Ljubljana, to South America, or Nigeria.

We're not even mentioning other numbers here, because they are crazy big, such as the thousands of couriers that do millions of kilometers delivering millions of products in a year.

But now imagine you’re one of the 61 angels, still holding on to a piece of that cap table?

Or better still, imagine 5 years from now, your buddy from Next Door Ventures or Some Other Country Angels Network is holding on to a piece of the cap table of some intern’s dream, you’ve passed on at Next Round 21.

If you’re on the fence about what can be done in 5 years, meet a member of Glovo management Victor Racariu.

Author of the aptly need article "Glovo aiming to lead every market it enters".

Victor will be joining us at Next Round, sharing his vast knowledge and experience. Glovo is one of the startups that signed the Scale-Up Europe Manifesto, a roadmap for the European startup ecosystem.

Apply for Next Round now –

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