Boosting European Tech Ecosystem under Slovenian EU Presidency

The Slovenian EU Presidency believes the EU’s research and innovation will have an important part to play in the post-COVID-19 EU economic recovery. Therefore, the focus of the Presidency is green and digital transitions. To reach these goals it is necessary to foster innovation in the European tech ecosystem. The Slovenian EU Presidency’s program, plans the adoption of an EU Pact for Research and Innovation. The same EU Pact the Commission had proposed last year, and it is mainly focused on the importance of freedom of scientific research, gender equality, and improving career prospects for researchers in Europe. Presidency gives special attention to seek increased cooperation in terms of innovation, research and development with Western Balkan countries. The Slovenian government claims that the billion-funding framework for R&I, Horizon Europe, is a magnet for attracting third countries into the European Research Area. Presidency is also focusing on the development of the digital internal market. The objective is to update competition rules in digital markets and to strengthen consumer protection. The Presidency's task is to bring member states’ views into closer alignment on the proposals for the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, which introduce ambitious reforms of the digital space and a comprehensive set of new rules for all digital services. The Slovenian Presidency is taking place in strong emphasis on the debate about different aspects of digitalization. They claim they are supporting development that gives the EU greater digital autonomy and enables it to close the gap more quickly behind those who have taken the global lead. Generally, the Slovenian Presidency is highlighting the role of science and research in achieving the goals of successful economic recovery and of an effective green and digital transition.

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