Opti.Space - sharing offices for therapists

With 50% therapy sessions moving online, healthcare professionals such as psychotherapists, psychologists or even masseuses are finding the cost of full time office rents or location ownership less sustainable.

With unallocated time, these properties are ideal for use by other professionals who require a setup with a couch or room for massage table, instead of typical co-working space and conference combo most prevalent in the market.

Opti.Space developed software which enables sharing a therapy space among 10+ professionals, including a marketplace and scheduling feature.

Reservation of the space is automated, data / calendars about space availability are always synced. Cancellations are synced too, reporting and billing is automatic.

Leveraging their proprietary technology, they are building a unique closed ecosystem of reservations and users, so once a therapy room is fully booked by an existing circle of customers, it can go into “invisible mode” for others but current users continue to use it in our system. This helps keep number of total space users low and trust within that circle high.

One of the initial test customers, reached rent break even in the first month of using the marketplace platform.


The service is currently being introduced in Germany, in the Frankfurt area. With plans to expand to the USA taking shape. Opti.Space projects that going forward customers in those markets will create 4,2 Billion bookings annually, and they are focusing on getting a piece of that new market.


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