Pharsol - bioreactors and the Cryo Holder


Anyone looking for bioreactor units and vessels, Pharsol is the right team to talk to.

From laboratory-scale and up to industrial, for all types of cell cultures, Pharsol provides the best bioprocessing equipment for the production of biomolecules. Their offering includes stock bioreactors, single-use equipment, and spare parts to custom-built products. They also developed their own cryovial transfer holder that saves labs a lot of money.


They also provide hoses, connectors, clamps, and other accessories, as well as cost-effective solutions that connect fluid management systems. Either as components or pre-assembled plug-and-play kits, easily integrated into a laboratory's existing setup.


If all that weren't enough, Pharsol adds innovation on top of existing approaches, related to cryovials.

These small containers are sensitive and easy to drop when transferring between applications or storage. Breaking them and damaging the biological material can cost a lot of money.

CryoHolder is made specially to eliminate every risk that comes with transferring frozen biological material. It is a unique tool on the market that enables you quick, more efficient, and safe transfer of frozen cryovials. The tool is made out of aluminium so it can withstand big temperature changes; from -196 °C in liquid nitrogen up to 121 °C in the autoclave. The tool is compatible with all major cryovial types.

ISO and GMP compliant All Pharsol equipment is manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Their software is also compliant with all industry standards and ready to use in a GMP environment.


Image credit> Pharsol

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