Scaling from 1.6M to 2B in 6 years

2021 is a great year for Central Eastern Europe exits, more than 15 large ones in

the first 9 months.

And in 2022, things are heating up.

This is good and bad news for startups, accelerators and VCs.

Here’s the good:

  • 40-70M EUR funds are popping up in virtually every country, their gravity attracting new waves of startups.

  • The EU Scaleup Manifesto framework is promoting new tax credits and innovator visas. The Portugal – Slovenia – France EU presidency countries are backing it 100%.

  • Startups are scaling and doing record exits to London or New York.


If you need an example of that, check out the UiPath story of going from this downtown Bucharest building to an IPO in just shy of 6 years.

Now for the bad part:
  • Google Ventures and Sequoia Capital opened offices in Europe. And as always, they mean business. May even eat your lunch by picking up that future unicorn you just passed on.

  • Valuations have almost doubled and the time between funding rounds can be measured on the Star Trek Warp Speed scale compared to European business as usual.

  • And lastly, the EIB is launching dedicated deeptech to market funds. And there are the hundreds of billions to be invested in the so-called digital and green agenda of the union.

That’s why at Next Round 21, we’re bringing together investors, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs who will deliver the insight CEE startups, accelerators and VCs need to make the right calls in the year ahead.

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Attendance is free, but capacity is limited.

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