Smart Cargo - digital transformation of logistics

Logistics is a tremendous industry. Its ability to get things from A to B worldwide, fast and inexpensive, makes it a key enabling technology of the global economy. But it's a business that has evolved over millennia and by today has a lot of moving parts.

Attempting to digitalize it is like putting out a forrest fire with a household extinguisher -high risk and slow, with partial solutions providing most progress.

That's why Smart Cargo built a platform that didn't try to replace existing processes, but instead brings all the participants of the supply chain together into one organised, transparent and connected ecosystem.

SmartCargo connects producers, suppliers, distributors, carriers, freight forwarders, insurance companies and all the other stakeholders into an organised ecosystem delivering control and efficiencies that changes industry fundamentals.

Delivering a 10x in operating performance and up to 83% cost reduction.

In short, SmartCargo addresses all the major pain points of the current-day logistics process, offering its users stress-free and easy to use logistic experience>

  • Automatization

  • Digitalization

  • Live Tracking & Route Optimization

  • Blockchain document transparency

  • Transport & Insurance Exchange

  • Proof of Location

SmartCargo’s vision is to change the way the logistics process works and how people view it in five years time. The future is a simpler, more transparent and controlled way of shipping from the shipper to the consignee.

In order to achieve that, Smart Cargo believe the actors of the logistics process must have full transparency and control. Their mission is to give the owners of goods a solution for a simple, automated and stress-free logistics process with the ability to access cargo data anytime, anywhere.


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